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Furniture Upholstery and Refinishing | Logan Twp NJ

Posted on March 14, 2015 at 6:35 PM

Furniture Upholstery and Refinishing in Logan Twp New Jersey

The large scale work on the makeover of this family's eating area was complete: flooring, trim, paint and window treatments.  The time had come to select complementary furnishings.

They started with the table.  They had a robust trestle table that had been with them for 15 years.  The finish on the table was a lighter maple color that clashed with the fresh color scheme.  And showed years of wear.  However, the scale and design of the table suited the new layout.  Refinishing was in order - in a medium walnut tone.

A Quest for Seating

The ladder-back chairs that had been used with the table looked "too spindly" in the room.  After roving through many alternates, the more substantial presence of a parson style chair fit the theme. 

After a month of searching for the right chairs they called us about collaborating to create 'their' chairs.  The issue was with the fabrics - and the cost.  They could find the style of chair they wanted - but not in the fabrics to suit.  If they custom ordered the chairs with suitable fabrics, the price was gigantic.  So they found lost cost, generic parsons chairs of good construction and conspired with us to upholster them in appropriate fabric.

Choosing the fabric was a fun process - balancing the colors of the floor, walls, table and some adjoining granite.  They previewed MANY samples!  Different fabric for the host and hostess chairs added a custom look, overcoming a sense of 'sameness' from so much similar fabric in the room.

They picked well!  The room has a coordinated, comfortable air.  Here is a picture of the husband on the phone with his wife saying "Honey, you're going to love it!"

We don't often upholster furniture straight out of the shipping box, but for this New Jersey family - it was the perfect solution.

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