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Sectional Sofa Reupholstered - Jersey Shore

Posted on June 21, 2014 at 7:20 PM

This is a great sectional sofa!  Great for lots of family and great for the large room.  'Great' as in vast and all-encompassing, too!

Also great are the fabric selections for the reupholstery.  Additional considerations were given to the fabric given the recreational use of the sectional.

Using two fabrics with the lighter one on the deck and outside provides a bit of 'lift' for a massive piece of furniture.  It also breathes 'custom'.  The lower fabric is a heavy duty recycled leather by Charlotte Fabrics with a water washable polyurethane finish.

We really like how it carries the subtle colors from the natural stone floor tiles up into the furniture.  That's the 'lift' part.  The inside and cushion fabric is Maricopa Fresca by Barrow Fabrics.  What a pick!  It blends the features of a stripe pattern (vertical travel) with a mini pattern (small regularity) and a random pattern (sinuous movement) all into one mosaic patterm that again echoes the tile motif from the floor.

The durability of the leather base fabric was extended onto this fabric as well.  A spill repellent, stain release treatment and a liquid proof backing was applied to it.  These fabric treatments provide the maximum fabric and cushion protection while keeping the touchable comfort of a woven fabric.  A wise choice given the amount of exposed fabric on this piece.  May the family gatherings continue!

Reupholstered and delivered to Ventnor in Atlantic County, NJ.

Author: James Conklin

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