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Hazy Pearl Dresser - Jersey Shore Theme

Posted on February 14, 2012 at 9:25 AM

Upcycled mid-century dresser with a mellow comfortable finish that is relaxed yet elegant.  It had been brush painted black to hide veneer damage.  The updated look was copied from a piece of fabric used elsewhere in the home.  It was attained by using a light mustard undercoat with a subtle white shading to provide highlights and then a satin clear coat with a golden pearl additive.  The layers of color and the gold pearlesence creates a soft shimmer that changes with the lighting.  It is a one of a kind treatment well suited for a shore home or a contemporized mid-century theme.


The New Jersey Shore service area includes:  Atlantic County, Ocean County, Cape May County

By James Conklin

Categories: Furniture Refinishing, Projects