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Do Not Hire This New Jersey Upholsterer!

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I Do Not Want to Hire this New Jersey Upholsterer

The Same Furniture Upholsterer - All Over New Jersey

Browsing around through the upholsterers serving the New Jersey area, I started noticing the same guy popping up at various upholstery shops through the state. Maybe you have seen him.  He looks like this:



He must put a lot of mileage on his car, because it seems that he works in the northern part of New Jersey as well as further south in the southern part of the state as well.  Same guy, pretty sure:



I inquired among the members of an upholstery association I joined if they have ever encountered this person. The group is national in scope, and according to a few members, this upholstery guy has surfaced in Ohio, Indiana and Virginia. So much for New Jersey corridor commuting!   But I'm only showing the NJ evidence, like this:



The weird part? He seems to take his work with him. The same red sofa keeps showing up, too!  Or maybe he only works on red sofas...



And he must also work in the marketing department of the NJ upholstery shops he haunts - offering free upholstery estimates as a universal lure.  Well, twice at least.  Maybe that's why he's always working on the same sofa - he keeps getting interrupted answering calls about estimates.



So, if you happen to run across this well traveled upholsterer - in NJ or elsewhere - DON'T let me know. I don't want to hire him. He flits around too much. And has only one set of clothes.



(Hey! The red sofa looks close to completion.)  But if you can't find this universal New Jersey furniture upholstery person - or until you do, maybe you will have to settle with one of the other New Jersey furniture upholstery shops.  Bummer, I know, but the guy is in demand!




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