Furniture Workshop Photos Furniture Workshop Photos Customer Testimonial Screenshot from an inbound email. Thank you Donna for the gracious review. 188391477 Spraying Primer Here Dan is spraying a thin coat of white primer on stripped and sanded wood. The first step in building a colored lacquer finish 171199189 Veneer Repair Walnut crotch veneer. Thin protein glue, modelling spatula to spread it underneath, let it dry, heat activate the glue with the iron and use the leather to insulate fingers while holding it in place. Next area. Patience required. 172549886 Large Cherry Dining Table On the carts ready for staining. With the three leaves, this table extends to 17 feet! Soon to return to its Woodbury, NJ home. 179000096 Maple Stump Table Our classic 'Old Maple' finish old maple butt. Dyes and glaze enhance what nature provided. 180480807 Metallic Silver Stump Table Multiple coats of silver pearl finish provide a refined shimmer to the contours of an elm log. 180480808 Blanket Chest Panels reveneered in bookmatched butt walnut and finished in satin lacquer. Lift top upholstered in a contemporary regular pattern fabric. Delivered to Barnsboro NJ 126065173 Oak Mission Desk Converted into a mission kitchen island. New legs, additional shelved and longer slats expanded the desk. Finished in a warm brown. Delivered to Collingswood, NJ. 126065176 Rowan University Plaque Details... Plaque from a lectern we're refinishing for ... well ... that had gotten rather beaten. They want the laser engraving to be "dark, say, black!" Of the two methods we considered this one got the nod: seal the wood with clear, spray a few passes of a thin black primer, sand the primer off the ground surfaces leaving the black in the engraving. Soon to be back in service in Glassboro, NJ. 187553086 Bedroom Set in process Large panel headboard stealing the show! 187943332 Woodstove End of a cold day. Nice to sit and watch the flames. 187943333 Projects In Process Little cluster of small items working their way through the shop. 187943334 Upholstress (and company) Nimble hands for the fine details. Some company always helps. 187943335 Desk Panels New side panels on a pedestal desk just installed. 187943436 A flock of ... decoys. Hanging out to dry. 187943437 Glue Squeeze Out Clamps still on the base to a library table. Getting the excess glue off while it is still soft. 187943438 Kitchen Island Glue Up Conversion of a desk to a kitchen island for a tall cook. 187943439 Primed Chair One of a set of chairs getting the primer coat sanded back before the colored lacquer layer. 187943440 Flower Back Arm Chairs Frames stripped, tightened and refinished. Ready for upholstery! 188306056 Boring Furniture Really, there it is. Wonder if the juxtaposition of the "Boring" and the "Distinctive" ever gave anyone pause while stapling the label. 188306057 Upholstering Vintage Sofa Newly webbed and tied deck with the covering in place. The back springs have just been tied and the burlap layer set. The tufted arm panels are next. 188380701 Restoring A Walnut table This is how we see it at the beginning - removing the table extensions and aprons so we can take care of some split glue joints in the table top. 189924682 Church Kneeling Cushion Re-Upholstery Part of the crew busy removing a batch of worn kneeling cushions from the pews. Before the next mass, the cushions will get new foam padding and a washable vinyl fabric. With 270 to do, we will all do a lot of kneeling in this church! 199376355