Refinishing Project Photos Refinishing Project Photos Refinishing and Reupholstery - Haddonfield NJ A dining table with two leaves and six chairs refinished in a satin black lacquer. The chairs then reupholstered with a subtle blue textured fabric. A clean mix with the other tones in this Haddonfield, NJ dining room! 203924348 Refinishing | West Deptford NJ | Grand Cherry Dining Table Refinished in a traditional warm brown with a satin sheen. With all the leaves inserted, it is seventeen feet long! A table for the extended family in West Deptford, NJ. 180480806 Refinishing | Vineland NJ | Oak Dining Table Refinished back to match the white wash effect of the dining chairs and china closet. Vineland in Cumberland County NJ 177177809 Refinishing | Hammonton NJ | Vintage Vanity Vintage writing desk we sourced by special request to serve as a vanity. Finished with a white base, followed by a soft grey glaze and topcoated with a transparent silver pearl. Mirrored top. Delivered to Hammonton, NJ. Design by Mark Kingsland Interiors. 180661292 Refinishing | Hammonton NJ | Detail of vanity / desk The light gray glaze and silver pearlescent topcoat merge without undue contrast. The details subtly accented they seem to be in shadow. Finishing materials by Valspar Wood. 180661293 Refinishing | Delaware | Carved Lamp Table Detail view of the glaze accentuated carvings on a special table. 126064717 Refinishing | Margate NJ | Bedroom Furniture in "Bone" Pure white with a grey/brown glaze accent. White frosted hardware to complete the look. Delivered to Margate, NJ. 162806802 Refinishing | Barnsboro NJ | Ornate Vanity Part of a full bedroom set. Amber dye stain followed with a van dyke brown graining stain and finished with satin lacquer. 126064895 Haddonfield Dining Table Refinished Vintage drop leaf extension dining table refinished in a minimal style. A light amber dye to tone the planks with a warm brown stain over a sealer coat to accent the grain. A satin topcoat gives a warm glow to the protective layer. A mellow hand made piece where the owners wanted us to keep some of the natural defects of these lovely cherry planks. Proudly at home in Haddonfield, NJ. 198636213 Refinishing | Princeton NJ | Traditional Workbench Read the full story on the blog. But a workbench CAN be furniture. Picked up near Princeton, NJ and delivered to VA. 176482940 Refinishing | Vineland NJ | Walnut Sideboard Lovely 1940's vintage piece. Replaced bracket feet, veneer repairs and resquared the case and drawers. An antique cherry base stain, followed by a brown grain stain and a black/brown accent glaze set the color. A satin topcoat completed this restrained version of a "Sonoma" style finish. Delivered to Vineland, NJ. 144465424 Refinished Hutch | Mickleton NJ Traditional maple china hutch refinished in a two tone theme. The client wanted the piece to have a more fresh contemporary feel for this bright eating area. A soft brown glaze over the white lacquer helps ease the contrast with the stained top and back. 197130325 Refinishing | Princeton NJ | Hazy Pearl Dresser Formerly brush painted in black with damaged veneer. This was done with a light mustard undercoat, thin white shading to highlight and a gold pearlescent satin topcoat. Mellow theme for a shore home. 149294331 Refinishing | Delaware | Vintage Chic - Vanity Re-tasked console planter. Finished in a soft blue with a white frosting glaze. Stool upholstered to match the bed cover. 126064889 Refinishing | Voorhees NJ | Deco China Cabinet Whimsically refinished in a soft blue-green lacquer. Interior in antique white. Delivered to Voorhees, NJ. 126064885 Refinishing | Linwood NJ | Oak Clock Finished from a white washed look, Toner and glaze with a satin topcoat. Finds its home in Linwood, Atlantic County NJ 177232687 Refinishing | Swedesboro NJ | Oak Wardrobe Refinished in an oyster white colored lacquer with chocolate glazed accents. Re-tasked as an entertainment center for a new home in Swedesboro, NJ. 180480805 Refinishing | Delaware | Eastlake Chest of Drawers Finished with an ivory lacquer with a warm brown glaze. Delivered to Lewes, DE. 126064891 Refinishing | Delaware | Eastlake Chest of Drawers Detail view of the glaze treatment. 126064880 Refinishing | Cherry Hill NJ | Mahogany Dining Set Refinished table. Upholstered chair seats. Provided and reupholstered host & hostess wing chairs. Delivered to Cherry Hill, NJ. 126064881 Refinishing | Cherry Hill NJ | Tea Setting Two plank mahogany pedestal table repaired and refinished. Upholstered side chairs in a soft regular pattern with contrasting lumbar pillows. Tea for breakfast in Cherry Hill NJ. 126065175 Refinishing | Ocean City NJ | Cherry Plank Dining Table Patiently crafted by a hobbyist woodworker. Finished with durable materials to mimic a traditional linseed oil and wax finish. Seating eight in Ocean City, NJ. 180480802 Refinishing | Hammonton NJ | Dining Table with Glass Dining table refinished to match the set. White lacquer base with glaze and spatter. New glass top. Delivered to Hammonton in Atlantic County, NJ. 185987459 Refinishing | Hammonton NJ | Speckle Finish on Dining Table Match to the rest of the set. White base color with a thin brown glaze then a very thin grey-brown spatter. Top coated in satin. Delivered to Hammonton in Atlantic County, NJ. 185920236 Vintage Vanity - Envy Refinished! Vanity and chair refinished in a silvery-grey-pearl theme. A soft grey base color followed with a deep grey galze to accent the details. Then a silver pearl topcoat to soften the contrast into a subtle foggy effect - with some shimmer. From a Haddonfield, NJ home. 198636211 Refinishing | Philadelphia | Turquoise Chest of Drawers Italian style chest of drawers. Refinished from the dowdy white (turned yellow) with gold (now green) accents into a blaze of turquoise. Great color in a Philadelphia bedroom. 187997148 Refinishing | Cape May NJ | Chestnut Roll Top Desk Refinished in a toasty brown that reveals the distinctive chestnut grain. New canvas backing on the tambours will keep this desk functioning for many more years in Cape May, NJ. 180480803 Refinishing | Haddonfield NJ | Round Koa Dining Table and Chairs Amber toned satin lacquer reveals the lovely shimmer in this rare solid wood set. Delivered to Haddonfield, NJ. 155426430 Refinishing | Delaware | Unique Barrel Rocking Chair Refinished in an ochre lacquer with a van dyke brown glaze well wiped away. Reupholstered with a marshmallow cushion. 126064726 Refinishing | Delaware | Glaze Detail - Barrel Rocker Showing how the contrasting glaze highlights the carvings. 126064719 Refinishing | Delaware | Burl End Table Reveneered the top. Refinished with an amber dye stain with a slight van dyke brown glaze. 126064720 Refinishing | Mullica Hill NJ | Coca Cola Kitchen Table For a Coca-Cola themed kitchen. The red pepper shaker was the color guide. Fresh! Delivered to mullica Hill, NJ. 146248209 Refinishing | Swedesboro NJ | Dining Table Layers of pigmented lacquer with a thin glaze. Done to match the chairs. Back in the home at Logan/Swedesboro NJ 150739585 Refinishing | Cherry Hill NJ | French Provincial Dining Set Faded 1940's set refinished in a nutmeg tone with satin lacquer. Faux ostrich hide fabric on the chair panels. Part of a project by the owner to contemporize his dwelling. Delivered to Cherry Hill, NJ. 125178877 Refinishing | Cherry Hill NJ | Mahogany Rocking Chair - After Reglued and the carvings secured. Finished in a dye stain and satin lacquer to really show off the flame pattern in the back. 126065181 Refinishing | Cherry Hill NJ | Burl Lamp Table Repaired damaged sections of the veneer and removed an old dark finish. Refinished in an amber tone with a satin sheen. Lamps please ! Cherry Hill NJ. 126064718 Refinishing | Delaware | Carved Pedestal Table Refinished using a heavy hanging glaze to deepen the carvings and a waxy sheen. 126064887 Refinishing | Mullica Hill NJ | Entertainment Unit - Before Pine. Light. With the dark knots of pine. A casual look. 150739588 Refinishing | Mullica Hill NJ | Entertainment Unit- After Not so much pine, and the knots blend. The decor was changing and a more classic look was needed. Delivered to Mullica Hill, NJ. 150739587 Refinishing | Egg Harbor NJ | Smoked Kitchen Table and Chairs Pedestal Table and chairs in a bright white satin with a pewter accent. 162806803 Refinishing | West Chester PA | Ceruse Tea table Frosted white over natural toned wood. Delivered to West Chester, PA. 172887224 Refinishing | Egg Harbor NJ | Painted Oak Credenza Foyer credenza finished to accent the wall color. Cream lacquer with a chocolate brown glaze and a satin topcoat. 134412033 Refinishing | West Chester PA | Console Table Foggy oak console table. Vintage chic. Pickled, limed, ceruse Console Table 162806807 Refinishing | West Chester PA | Handmade Walnut China Closet Minimal finish. Brushed brown glaze to suggest the age. Lots of repair to the ornate grillwork over the glass. 162806808 Refinishing | Audubon NJ | Christmas Mantel Oak mantel refinished in a vintage varnished look. Decorated for the holidays. Delivered to Audubon, NJ. 187805479 Refinishing | Avalon NJ | Two Tone Dining Set Glazed and brush distressed white lacquer highlighting a deep walnut stain. Facelift for a tired pine dining set. Delivered to Avalon, NJ 187994226 Refinishing | Sea Isle NJ | Old Wood Detail Intense curly figure on the drawer front of this wardrobe. A brown/amber dye stain followed with a brown glaze after sealing. A satin topcoat gives a buttery glow. Delivered to Sea Isle, NJ 187994227 Refinishing | Sea Isle NJ | Waterfall Dresser Restored and refinished Hurricane Sandy victim. Bottom drawer was rebuilt. Delivered to Sea Isle, NJ. 187994228 Three Tone Dining Set 187996847 Barrel Top Writing Desk Lovely burl and inlay on the front. 190223483 Chest Refinished Black Lacquer What to do with a dingy lingerie chest made of particle board and Masonite? Get someone to put satin black lacquer on it. And then paint and glaze the white metal hardware to look like brushed nickel. - In Washington Township, NJ. 197392362 Refinished Mahogany Dining Table A vintage solid mahogany dining table refinished on the hurry-up. The three pillar pedestals weighed a lot. With 4 leaves and a center leg, this table can seat a large family! Refinished and delivered to Haddonfield, NJ 197392363 Refinished Maple China Hutch The original was a solid maple color like the chair in the foreground. The owner wanted a lighter feel. An off-white lacquer base with a soft brown glaze pulled it off. Returning the top and back to the maple color helps the new look integrate with the old. Back at this Mickleton, NJ home in Gloucester County. 197392364 Refinished Maple Dining Table With a very light toner and a very deep build, this curly maple dining table really pops! Chatoyance: the undulating ripple of color shift from one viewing angle to another - part of the reason people love wood. And part of the rewards of finishing it. Table refinished and delivered to Mt Laurel, NJ. 197392365 Revived Walnut Wardrobe We weren't confident when this came in...but it turned out OK. It's the story of a wardrobe used as a tool chest and a paint locker that then got started for a fix-up and then went back to the garage to hold tools. Now back in the bedroom. Repaired, refinished and delivered to Mullica Hill, NJ. 197392366 Painted Chest of Drawers Contemporary style chest of drawers refinished in a soft grey satin lacquer, The brushed nickel hardware gives a very 'now' Restoration Hardware feel to this functional piece in Manahawkin, NJ 198636209 Refinished Kitchen Cabinets Detail shot of a combo of refinishing and new finishing on a kitchen remodel project in Absecon, NJ. It is a modestly distressed black lacquer base with a satin protective topcoat. 198636210 Refinished Vanity - Manhattan Bound Another case of furniture envy. A traditional federal style vanity (mirror not mounted in photo) refinished in a light grey lacquer with a soft charcoal glaze to highlight the details. The color scheme reversed on the hardware for a contrast. Delivered to Hainesport, NJ - headed for Manhattan. 198636212