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Care and Cleaning Guide for Custom Window Treatments and Drapes

You have received a fine quality custom fabricated window treatment.  In order to keep them as fresh and new as possible, please follow these suggestions and guidelines


  • Allow time for any wrinkles to fall out.  If you have a steaming appliance, a light steaming will help to ease out any wrinkles or creases.  Use distilled water and steam sparingly.  Do not steam moire type fabrics.  Your draperies were probably lightly steamed by the installer and will continue to relax as they hang.

  • Never wash or launder custom treatments.  Do not iron or press your draperies.

About twice a year, vacuum any accumulated dust from the surface of your treatments.  Use a clean soft brush attachment for this, with the suction power slightly reduced.  Watch for any large accumulations that might be spread by the brush


  • Depending on the the conditions where the draperies are installed, they should be dry cleaned every three to five years.  Avoid letting the draperies become overly soiled.  This could lead to harsh cleaning methods or solvents being needed to remove the soil.

Your draperies should be cleaned by a reputable dry cleaner that specializes in home furnishings.  The fabric used in your draperies has been tested and are suitable for dry cleaning.  If the cleaner has any doubts, ask them to test clean an inconspicuous portion of the hem.

  • Stoddard Solution is the preferred method of cleaning.  If this is not available, the perchlorethylene is an acceptable substitute.  The cleaning should be done with pure solvent, with no detergents, boosters or wetting agents added.  The cleaner should use a short cycle with low temperature air drying after the recovery cycle is completed.

Treatments that cannot be removed for dry cleaning should be cleaned by a professional upholstery cleaning service.

  • Silk fabrics  will retain a natural stiffness that is the nature of the fabric.  Silk will not drape and hang the same way that a cotton or polyester will.  Do not attempt to press or steam out the slight wrinkles that appear.  Dress the window treatment as best you can and enjoy the unique characteristics of silk.

  • Avoid exposure to intense sunlight.  The rays from the sun can cause fabrics to fade and disintegrate.  There is not protection for this other than quality drapery linings.  UV inhibiting window glass will help, but will not eliminate the damage from sunlight.  If you have strong and constant exposure, consider some form of protection that will block or reflect the sun.  This might be a separate lining behind the treatment, or a blind or shade to protect the fabrics.

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