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Looking through fabrics is an immersion in color, texture and pattern.  We represent a variety of fabric resources and you can browse their offerings below.

Several of the fabric houses carry multiple lines, so you will see other familiar names like Trend, Highland Court and Lee Jofa.

For furniture upholstery, draperies and window treatments, or pillows and bedding you have an array of fabric selections. 

Varying price points, styles and durability - from affordable sheers to exclusive silks and from robust performance fabrics to comfortable multi-purpose materials.  Vinyl, faux silks, leather, outdoor fabric, too. 

Let us collaborate with you to hand pick the right fabric:  Handpicked Fabric

Upholstery, Drapery and Multipurpose Fabric Resources

Click on the image to browse and search that related fabric resource.  We've included average per yard price ranges for each fabric house to help.

See something you like?  Send us the maker and the fabric name and we will mail you a physical sample.  You can check out the feel and verify the color.

If you don't see what you want or to get a price, call us.    Looking for a little help?  Scroll down to find it.

Barrow Fabrics

From $40 to $60

Search fabrics by Barrow. They emphasize development of exclusive designs and creative innovation. Note your selections and we can send samples or give you prices.

Carole Fabrics

From $40 to $80

Wide selection of drapery, multi-purpose and upholstery fabric.  Exclusive patterns, sheers with a bit of flash, lovely embroidered patterns

Duralee Fabric

From $80 to $120

Upholstery fabric, trim, and furniture related treatments at Duralee.  Duralee creates palettes and styles with comfort and authenticity - what’s now and what’s timely.


From $50 to $100

Traditional, transitional and contemporary styles, patterns and palettes available, browse the Fabricut offerings of fabrics and trimmings.  Fabricut is one of the largest, most progressive distributors of decorative fabrics in the world; the brand designers depend on for everyday decorating.


From $40 to $70

Furniture upholstery fabrics and trim from Greenhouse fabrics. Selecting beautiful, new fabrics has never been so easy... Browse a variety of patterns, save, and compare your favorites. When you find the fabrics you love, simply use the email tool to send your fabric selections to us.


From $80 to $120

Search and scroll the upholstery fabric and trim options available at Kravet. Kravet's product offerings range in style from traditional to contemporary. Search by type, pattern, or color. Make note of your selections and we can have memo samples sent to you.

Robert Allen

From $80 to $120

Robert Allen is the leading fabric house of the interior design community. Browse their selection of upholstery fabrics, accent trim, furniture, and paint coordinates.

United Fabrics

From $30 to $70

Robust distributor of upholstery fabric, vinyl, leather, and Sunbrella. Many classic patterns and established contemporary treatments.

Charlotte Fabrics

From $35 to $45

Over 3,500 items in stock. Collections include brocades, chenille fabrics, Cryptons, Denims, linen looks, outdoor fabrics, recycled leather, vinyl, velvets, microfibres, and several other styles.

Kasmir Fabrics

From $35 to $75

Kasmir fabrics range from traditional to transitional to contemporary stylings. Prints, wovens, sheers, silks, embroideries, velvets, solids and textures. Fabrics are multipurpose with applications for drapery, bedding, upholstery and more.

JKB Fabrics

All Fabric Under $20

Very affordable upholstery fabrics.  Hundreds of designs and over 50,000 yards in stock from a local supplier.  Amazing fabrics for the price!  Worth a look at any time.

Fabric On Pinterest

Visit our Pinterest fabric page for a little visual feast of our favorites!  While we are not a fabric retail store, you are welcome to use our fabric resources to order cut yardage for your interior decorating or DIY project.

Help Choosing an Upholstery Fabric

It is frustrating to search for some advice about choosing fabric for furniture.  Many of the more popular articles get into discussions about "viscose" and "polyester" and "natural fiber blends" and "colorfastness".   You know, the technical issues - mostly the durability issues.   And they do matter. 

But you can't see them.  And you will live with them indirectly.   We like to narrow down on color, pattern, texture and suitability for your furniture first - the stuff you will live with.  Then answer the durability issue within that framework.

Below are some articles that do touch on fabric contents (a little), but open out into suitability, design, color and pattern.  Enjoy!

What Does it Mean When a Fabric is 'Railroaded'?

Railroaded or Up the Roll?

The description of some of the fabrics state that the product is "railroaded".  Many upholstery fabrics are railroaded to allow for continuous repetition of the pattern across wide areas without requiring a seam - for example, across the seat of a wide sofa.  As an illustration, imagine a roll of striped paper towels. If railroaded, the stripes would run side-to-side across each sheet of towels.

Up the roll is the opposite of "railroaded".  Most drapery fabrics have patterns running up the roll to avoid horizontal seams in the long hanging window treatment.  This is the standard way to show a fabric, pictured as it would be seen coming off the roll.  Again, imagine a roll of striped paper towels. If up-the-roll, the stripes would run continuously along the length of the roll.

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