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Fabric Treatments - Protect the Beauty of Your Furniture

It happens.  You settle into your newly upholstered wing chair with a glass of wine to relax at the end of a busy day.  Sensing your mood, the dog sneaks up and nudges your elbow.  And the wine spills.  On your clothes.  On your lovely new chenille fabric.  A disaster?  Maybe for your clothes, definitely for the wasted wine.  Not for your upholstery!

Spill Repellent Stain Release Fabric Treatment

We are all familiar with some of the long-standing stain repellant treatments for fabric such as Scotchguard and Teflon.

The Nanotex company developed a treatment that works much better.  And which is permanent to the fabric - a feature that Scotchguard lacks.  It also doesn't change the feel of the fabric unlike Teflon.  The Nanotex treatment is so effective at preventing fabric stains from dirt and spills such as coffee, soda, wine, mustard (do you spill mustard on your sofa?), salad dressing and urine that it is the only fabric stain release treatment we suggest.

Several fabric houses such as Kravet, Duralee and Fabricut offer fabric collections that are pre-treated with the Nanotex stain release treatment.  They and others also offer the treatment on a per-order basis for most of their fabrics not already treated.
We are so impressed by the performance of the Nanotex treatment, we opened a relationship with a licensed Nanotex treatment facility (Applied Textiles) so we can offer the treatment to you on almost any fabric.  We've seen it work and just had to get it.

Liquid Barrier - Cushion Protection

For most furniture, the Nanotex treatment is all that's needed.  However, if you have a situation where you want additional protection from liquid spills you can ask about the DuraBlock treatment.  Nanotex protects the fabric.  DuraBlock protects the cushions and padding with a flexible polyester backing that forms a permanent liquid barrier.  You get the comfort and breathability of your woven fabric that now has the cleanability and spill security of a vinyl.

Stability Backing

Sometimes the fabric with the right color and pattern is not the best fabric for the use - especially with upholstery.  Crewel, loose weaves and light embroidered fabrics are prone to distortion, pulling and fraying.  A textile trend we're seeing is the combination of tight and loose weaves into some gorgeous patterns, but which may not hold up well on a seat cushion. 

Stability backing the fabric is the solution in many cases. The backings are bonded to the back of the fabric, locking the threads and the weave in place.  A thread that snags and breaks will not continue to 'run' and fray.  The potential for the weave to distort in pressure areas is minimized and the seams are more robust. Lighter fabrics are less likely to tear. The backings include a light latex backing, acrylic backing and a knit fabric backing. 

For commercial establishments or very heavy use situations where puncture and tear protection is important, we have access to a non-woven "Stiletto" backing.

Fabric Laminating

If you want the color and pattern of a woven fabric and the wipe-clean ease of a vinyl, fabric laminating is an option.  A clear polyurethane film is heat bonded to the face of the fabric providing an impermeable liquid barrier.  Laminating is most often used on kitchen, patio, food court and assisted living seating where a suitable vinyl pattern is not available.  It does change the look of the fabric, giving it a reflective surface.  It also makes the fabric more stiff.  Not all fabric can be laminated - especially those with a coarse texture.  But it does work!  Dirt and spills wipe away with a rag and soapy water.