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Get a quick estimate on furniture REupholstery or refinishing

This is the shortest path we know that is at all accurate.

1) Take a photo of your furniture

Grab your cell phone or camera and take a photo diagonally across the furniture.  Frame the picture so it indicates the length, height and depth of the furniture (click the images to the right to see examples).  Take more than one if you want to highlight any details.

2) Email the photo to us

Open your favorite email program and start a message to us.  Our email address is:

Or click on the little envelope over there to do it automatically. 

Write a brief overview of what you are interested to do with your furniture (click the images above to see what they said).  Attach the picture(s) you took to the email.  Or just paste them right in.  Most smart-phones allow direct image email.  Send us the email.

3) Look for our answer

We will respond to your email quickly - usually within the same day or less.

Please note that reupholstery estimates will be for the labor portion only since the fabric will be undetermined.