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Fabric, padding, springs and framework - on upholstered furniture these basic elements combine to provide a wide variety of visual and tactile appeal as well as functional comfort.  A good upholsterer can be one of the most invaluable pros on your home improvement list. Not only can he or she give a threadbare or dowdy piece of furniture a stylish new face, but an upholsterer also can craft one-of-a-kind decorative elements that make your space look polished and pulled together. A nicely textured upholstery fabric with an attractive pattern and tasteful color is merely the outer layer.  If you're in Gloucester County, NJ and in the market for a reupholstery job, keep these tips in mind.

What an upholsterer does: An upholsterer covers furnishings, bedsprings, cornice boards, pillows and other interior elements with fabric.  A tight deck, robust spring work, smooth padding, resilient foam, and lofty stuffing all contribute to comfortable and durable upholstery. Upholsterers also attach fringe and other trims, create decorative details such as piping and tufting, make slipcovers, refinish wood and more. Many perform repairs to the structure.   Our upholstery shop regularly upholsters older furniture as well as more modern furniture - from foundation spring-work and padding through to special cushions and final treatments.

Fabric: Upholsterers know about fabrics and will help clients choose the best type for their project. You can select from upholstery fabrics from:

  •  Kravet Fabrics
  •  Robert Allen
  •  Carole
  •  Duralee
  •  Fabricut
  •  Greenhouse
  •  Trend
  •  Barrow
  •  United ... and others. We bring fabric sample books to your home so you can pick your upholstery fabric in the intended setting  - and at your leisure. You are also welcome to provide your own fabric. We will help you determine the yardage.
Is your piece worth upholstering. Upholstered items with outmoded or worn textiles can be easily re-tasked into a new theme with alternate fabric and treatments.  In some cases, an old sofa, chair or stool is so far gone that it makes more sense to replace it altogether. However, upholstered items are often embedded in a setting with other furnishings and accessories. It can be difficult to replace a single piece without revising the entire setting.. If you have any doubts about your piece, contact us about it. Here's a short article for people dealing with the question Is Re-Upholstering My Furniture Worth It?
What about cost: The more detailing the project involves, the more the labor will cost. Upholstery prices are affected by details like:

  •  The degree of upholstery (fully upholstered or wood surround)
  •  Treatments such as tufts, buttons, channels
  •  The quality of the existing padding and springing
  •  Finish treatments - skirts,nails or fringes

You'll also need to pay for the fabric you select. We've published an Upholstery Price Guide with the typical labor cost of re-upholstering many types of furniture. It also shows the typical fabric yardage for those pieces.
When to hire an upholsterer:  Simple upholstery is within the reach of many crafters.  Complicated jobs are usually best left to a pro. If you're working with expensive fabric, multiple patterns on a single piece, or a valuable antique, it can be worth hiring an upholsterer to make sure the job is done right. The specialized equipment, knowledge and space needed for more complex re-upholstery projects is beyond many homeowners who prefer to simply outsource upholstery work rather than attempt it themselves
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Where Is That Upholstery Shop Serving Gloucester County NJ?

We've upholstered furniture for folks in Gloucester County (and South Jersey in general) since 1992.  One of our clients in Barnsboro asked us "Are you keeping your upholstery shop a secret?  If it wasn't for my friend in Mullica Hill, I would have never found you."

That got us thinking about where and how people find us.  It seemed curious that people seeking a reupholstery shop serving Wenonah, Glassboro, Pitman and Sewell had at least called us, but folks from Beckett (Logan), Franklinville and Williamstown had not.  Especially when we have delivered projects to Clayton, Swedesboro and Turnersville.

Some years back we were located in Woodbury, so it seems natural that we would get requests from Deptford, West Deptford and Mantua.  Cross Keys, Mickleton and Malaga?  Well, we'll see.  I'm thinking to create a little map with pins on it for Gloucester County - might be fun to see.

Anyway, thanks for stopping in.  Check out the furniture upholstery information here on the site - the Upholstery Project Photos are especially colorful.  From an outside source, How to Work With an Upholsterer is a nice overview, too.  And the Upholstery Price Guide proves to be quite popular.
Anyone from Gibbstown?

- Jim
But more seriously, some of the towns we have visited in Gloucester County are: Sewell, Wenonah, Glassboro, Pitman and Williamstown.  We've delivered upholstery projects in Woodbury, Turnersville, Hurfville, Mantua and Harrisonville.  Of course Barnsboro, Mullica Hill, and Swedesboro.  Deptford and West Deptford and Mantua, Franklinville and Clayton.