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Reupholstering Your Furniture - How It Works - The Road Map

Thanks for stopping in.  You will find a lot of upholstery information on this website.  I'm writing this page because the information alone doesn't really paint a picture of the process of having furniture reupholstered - of what to expect - from us at least.  So, a road map, a look ahead  that ties the information together.

This is a long page.  I couldn't avoid it.  So settle in.  Pour some wine or warm up your coffee.  I'll throw in some visuals to mix things up, some links to click,  and some candor, too.

I'm Thinking About Getting My Furniture Re-upholstered, But...

…I need to feed my head a little with more info.  THE most frequent question:  "Is reupholstering my furniture worth it?

Some folks find support by seeing the kinds of furniture other people are having reupholstered.  I've been assembling an upholstery information page for the curious.

The second most frequent question is about re-upholstery cost.  Several years ago, we opened the black box of reupholstery costs by publishing a furniture upholstery price guide - giving folks a way to compare recovering vs buying new or, (ulp),  just living with it.  Without having to make phone calls and answer twenty questions or get into "I will come out to give you an estimate (but it'll cost you and-will-discount-that-back-if-we-get-the-job.)"  Huh?  I just wanted SOME idea ... at 10:47 Thursday night.  Really! 

Whew, Thanks!  It Seems to Make Sense Generally, My Furniture Is Like This ...

About 30% of the people that use our Quick Quote offering (or who call to get more specific) never go any further than that.  Which is fine.  They learned what they needed.  We succeeded - partly.   And that's the point. 

Maybe you have decided hands-down to re-upholster your sofa or are generally still encouraged, but want to get more specific.  You don't know until you know and the best way to know is to engage in a conversation - even if it is e-mail.  We get that. 

I encourage that:  talking, informing, helping.  You are going to decide what you will.  If we are helping you by filling in some blanks, we had a good day.

So we talk.  We learn, you learn.  Blown cushions?  Replacements of this type are very plush and cost x dollars, or x dollars for this kind that are comfortable and durable, but not as decadent.   The difference is that the first kind… (for example).  So, if you have a question, ask!

I Don't Think It Is Enough To Just Say "We CAN Upholster Your Furniture"

Evidenced by the absolute lack of before-and-after photos  (hint: dowdy furniture always looks dowdy before it gets new fabric.  So what.)  And not showing in-process pics of every step in reupholstering a wing chair  - relevant to whom?  Here is one just so you know that we can measure, sew and staple.

But, check us out ... we can upholster your furniture. (Not enough, is it?)  So, check us out...

Seems Like A Go, But What About Fabric?

So, you have scrolled through the upholstery information  You looked through the price guide and checked out our reputation a bit.  Deciding to press further, you spoke with us about your furniture and sent some photos.   We gave you a labor cost for reupholstering your furniture and a general sense of how much fabric would be needed to re-cover it. 

Although we talked about fabric and you know that you can browse through our fabric vendors' online offerings, the idea of wading through color, texture, pattern and durability options has you a little intimidated.  All you know is that you don't want green or orange and no stripes or polka dots.  Quite a few people get wobbly in the face of all the remaining options.

Gelise, our main project coordinator, has a design background and loves (really, that's what she says) gathering and narrowing fabric options with people.  So much so that we put together a cool way for her to get them to you: Help Finding The Right Upholstery Fabric.

I Found An Awesome Fabric!  Now What?

By this point you will know the cost of everything: upholstery labor, fabric, and anything else - cushions, foundation work, trimmings, etc.  And we have a pretty good idea of your project. 

If you give us the nod, we'll schedule a pick up with you.  We bunch them together into full-day outings, so there is no specific cost for pick up and delivery. 

If you are in the area map over there, you're in! [hint: we've been known to stretch the map some]

More importantly, we will review your upholstery project so we're all on the same page.  And check out your furniture.  No suprises, you know?  Springs hanging down behind the skirt aren't supposed to do that.  For example.

How Long Will It Take To Upholster My Furniture?

And we get to work! 

Fabric ordered.  Taking the old fabric off.  Tying up loose springs.  Measuring.  Wait!  This is the step-by-step stuff.  Boo!  Sorry.  One photo again …for color.   

Seriously, we try to get your furniture re-upholstered within four weeks.  Sometimes things blow up - like six giant sofas coming in all at once rather than the usual mixture of big and small items.  Generally, chair seats and smaller items finish quickly.  If you have a special need, give us a shout - we'll try to accommodate.

And When My Furniture Is Done?

We will deliver it back to you.  Again, scheduling a time.  Chair seats will get screwed back in place, cushions placed, pillows plumped and skirts straightened  (sounds like, uhhh …never mind).   Then, please:  sit, lounge, flop, flounce.

If all is well, we accept payment by check or cash.  Any reasonable fabric remnants are delivered as well.  And your 10 year warranty begins.

End Of The Upholstery Road Map.

If you have followed this outline all the way to here …thank you!  I hope it cleared up any questions of "What am I in for?"

  • Get information, typical costs and examples to see if reupholstery makes sense
  • Reach out and get specific about your furniture project
  • Find the right fabric (with some help if needed)
  • Confirm your wishes, know the cost and get your furniture picked up
  • What happens on delivery and what assurances you get

Now, since I was trying to show that we strive to be informative and interactive, it is your turn.

Was there something you wanted to see that is missing?  A comment you want to make?  Or a question?  Advice?  Put it in the message box over there.  It comes straight to my inbox.  Note that the email box is there ONLY if you want a specific reply.

By James Conklin


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