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Yes, our pick-up and delivery truck gets around!  Even onto some of the very narrow streets in the Cape May point, Stone Harbor and Avalon.  Check out our furniture upholstery and fabric pages.  We're happy to answer any questions - phone or email.

Upholstered items with outmoded or worn textiles can be easily re-tasked into a new theme with alternate fabric and treatments.  In some cases, an old sofa, chair or stool is so far gone that it makes more sense to replace it altogether. However, upholstered items are often embedded in a setting with other furnishings and accessories. It can be difficult to replace a single piece without revising the entire setting.. If you have any doubts about your piece, contact us about it. Here's a short article for people dealing with the question Is Re-Upholstering My Furniture Worth It?

Some recent Upholstery projects completed in Cape May 

Upholstered arm chair and ottoman re-covered in an ogee pattern fabric.  Delivered to a restored farm house in Cape May Courthouse, NJ.

Love seat re-upholstered in a soft, smokey leather.  The frame refinished to match some other chairs in this Cape May, NJ home.

Vivid fabric on a plantation chair gives a fresh lift in the sunroom in this Cape May, NJ bungalow.

Protect Upholstery Fabric From Stains And Spills

Beach area and recreational furnishings are at risk from stains and soiling.  From wet bathing suits and sunscreen lotion to spilled drinks and dropped food.

Protective fabric treatments can keep your furniture looking fresh.

We are all familiar with some of the long-standing stain repellent treatments for fabric such as Scotchguard and Teflon.  The Nanotex company developed a treatment that works much better.  And which is permanent to the fabric - a feature that Scotchguard lacks.  It also doesn't change the feel of the fabric unlike Teflon.  The Nanotex treatment is so effective at preventing fabric stains from dirt and spills such as coffee, soda, wine, mustard (do you spill mustard on your sofa?), salad dressing and urine that it is the only fabric stain release treatment we suggest.

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Some Towns We Have Visited In Cape May County

Ocean City, Avalon, Stone Harbor, Cape May, Cape May Courthouse, North Wildwood, Lower Township, Marmora