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Furniture Upholstery Price and Fabric Yardage Guide

People often want a general idea of the cost of reupholstering their furniture.  Asking:

  • What is the cost of reupholstering my couch? or
  • How many yards of fabric do I need to recover my dining chairs?

So we put together an upholstery cost guide for many common pieces of upholstered furniture. 

Re-upholstery prices often contain two elements - the labor portion and the fabric portion.  Please note that we have not included the cost of the fabric.  Fabrics vary widely in price and fabric selection is specific to each person's taste and budget.  The prices displayed illustrate typical upholstery labor costs.  Contact us with your specifics.

Upholstery prices are affected by a few details such as:   
  • The degree of upholstery (completely upholstered or with wood surround)   
  • Treatments such as buttons, tufts, channels, and pleats   
  • The quality of the existing padding and springing (foundation)   
  • Finish treatments such as decorative nails or fringes and bullion.

Item Price Range Fabric Yardage
Open Arm Chair Side Chair Seat 130 to 160 1 yard
Camel Back Sofa Side Chair Seat + Back 250 to 280 2 to 3 yards
Open Arm Chair Open Arm Chair 280 to 320 2 to 3 yards
Open Arm Chair Cushion Seat Open Arm Chair Loose
Cushion Seat
480 to 520 3 to 4 yards
Parsons Chair Parsons Chair 320 to 380 2 to 3 yards
Deck Style Parsons Chair Deck Style Parsons Chair 420 to 480 4 to 5 yards
Balloon Back Arm Chair Balloon Back Arm Chair 520 to 580 5 to 6 yards
Panel Arm Chair Panel Arm Chair 580 to 620 5 to 6 yards
Barrel Chair Barrel Chair 580 to 620 5 to 6 yards
Wing Chair Wing Chair 620 to 680 6 to 7 yards
Rolled Arm Chair Rolled Arm Chair 680 to 720 6 to 7 yards
Club Chair Skirted Club Chair 720 to 780 7 to 8 yards
Chaise Chaise 880 to 1020 9 to 11 yards
Armless Settee Armless Settee 580 to 620 7 to 8 yards
Settee Settee 620 to 680 7 to 8 yards
French Provincial Sofa French Provincial Sofa 980 to 1080 10 to 12 yards
Camel Back Sofa Camel Back Sofa 1080 to 1180 12 to 14 yards
Tight Back Love Seat Tight Back Love Seat 980 to 1080 12 to 14 yards
Semi Attached Back Sofa Semi-attached Back Sofa 1120 to 1220 14 to 18 yards
Tight back Sofa Tight Back Sofa 1080 to 1180 14 to 18 yards
Loose Back Sofa Loose Back Sofa (3 cushion) 1280 to 1420 18 to 26 yards
Tufted Back Sofa Tufted Back Sofa 1380 to 1480 16 to 20 yards
Sectional Sofa Sectional Sofa 2800 to 3200 28 to 36 yards

Additional Upholstery Items

Flat Slip Seats
 68 each
 Boxed Slip Seats
 88 each
 Apply Decorative Nails
 140 to 240 per the piece
 Chair Foundation Rebuild
 Sofa Foundation Rebuild

About Fabric Yardages...

The yardage amounts listed above are typical minimums listed for your planning.  They are based upon a solid fabric or a mini pattern that requires little cutting to align the pattern across the furniture.  Aligning and centering the fabric patterns requires additional fabric yardage.  Here is a thumbnail guide:

Click to edit table header
3" to 14"
15" to 19"
20" to 27"
28" to 36"
37" to 43"
44" to 51"
Add 10%
Add 15%
 Add 20%
Add 25%
Add 30%
Add 35%
Interested in leather yardage?  Leather is usually sold in square feet available per hide.  Leather Hide Store has published a nice guide to leather requirements for many pieces of upholstered furniture: Leather Upholstery Guide.

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