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Custom made draperies in trendy and traditional styles.  With a wide selection of popular drapery headings, fabrics, trimmings and hardware you can create a completely customized look for your windows.

Roman shades in flat, folded or sculptured styles - add banding, blackout lining, cleats, tassels, trim and valances to define your design.  Combine with draperies or top treatments to create a layered grouping..

Add enduring style and sophistication to a room with a window top treatment.  Modern functionality or historic elegance - enhance the window with dimension and color.  Combine with draperies, sheers or shades for a dramatic design.
  • Cornice Drapery and Sheer
    Cornice Board + Drapes + Sheers
  • Drapery Sheers and Cornice
    Drapes + Sheers + Cornice
  • Cornice Board and Drapes
    Cornice Board + Drapes
  • Drapery Soft Shade Valance
    Drapery + Soft Shade + Valance
  • Valance and Drapes and Sheers
    Valance + Drapes + Sheers
  • Pole Swag and Drapes and Sheers
    Pole Swag + Drapes + Sheers
Cornice Drapery and Sheer
Cornice Board + Drapes + Sheers

Creative Combinations

Create fully personalized window treatments by mixing and matching the design elements: drapery panels, sheers, shades and top treatments. 

Select coordinating or contrasting fabrics on each, using color, pattern and texture to add layers of interest.  Further embellish any or all of the elements with fringe, tassels, beads and banding.

We can help you step through the elements that are compatible with any other.  Fun in the process with beautiful, functional, affordable window dressings at the end!

How It Works

In the style guides, you will see that we have several groups of templates.  Think of them as patterns which can be modified in width, length, and depth to fit almost any window dimension.  Putting items together from the groups - say, drapery panels plus a sheer soft shade - gives you many combinations.  Adding fabric, trimmings and optional treatments makes your window treatment unlike any you might find at the home decorating centers.  The templates allow us to be efficient - keeping your window treatments affordable.  The array of styles, options and fabric keeps them unique and exciting.

So, grab a cup of coffee and have some fun getting a jump start on your window treatments.  Styles, design, coordinates...and fabric.  Build something enviable from the basic elements.  We're here to help and to make your design come to life.

Thank you!  If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

Window Treatment Questions and Answers

Question:  Hi.  I have a sun room with 8 windows.  They are about 3 feet wide and 5 feet tall.  I want some flat roman shades for these windows.   I've picked some fabrics for the face and lining and need to know the fabrication cost and the yardage for the fabric (details below).   I have attached a photo of some roman shades from a friend's house.  What I don't like about them is the gap along the window frames and the  way they don't hang straight along the edge.  Also, I would need them to be measured and installed.  I live in Princeton, New Jersey.

Answer:  Thanks for sending the information.  The 'light gap' along the window casing could have been minimized by using a narrow or 'upturned' headrail for the Roman shades.  The wavy edge could be due to poor pull-string adjustment or the lack of a weight bar in the bottom.  The fabrication and installation of 8 flat roman shades would be $2,492.  You would need 16 yards each of the face and lining fabrics you indicated.   When we come to measure your windows, we can go over additional details to finalize your shades.

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Custom made draperies, curtains, valances, cornice boards, swags, soft shades, sheers and many other custom window treatment styles and options.  Fabric, trimmings, decorative hardware.  Presented in an easy format to let you focus on completing your living spaces.  Measurement, fabric selection, style guides, installation.

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